Tuesday, July 28, 2009

15 Things I learned at BlogHer09

1. The 65 CTA Bus to Harlem does NOT go by the Sheraton Towers. (fortunately was only two stops in before I realized I was moving rapidly AWAY from my destination)

2. I have something to say, and who knew, there are tons of people willing to listen.

3. There's a fascinating dynamic where you are sort of starstruck by people you've read for a while, and simultaneously, there's this realization that they aren't that different from me.

4. I have a lot to learn about blog/web design - any ideas where I should start?

5. Sober people blog too.

6. Crocs flip-flops are possibly some of the most comfy shoes ever.

7. I have not resolved my own "quest to be a mom" issues, and that's ok.

8. This sentence is somewhat controversial: good writing produces good blogs.

9. I need to explore my comfort level with disclosure - how much is too much?

10. I'm more confident than I knew. I walked up and gave my card to a woman at Sparklecorn party because she was a fabulous dancing fool. Turns out we are in very similar career fields. Love that. I don't know where else I would have felt comfortable doing that.

11. I need to take a photography class. I thought I knew what I was doing, but beyond the fundamentals, I think I kind of suck.

12. Laughter is extremely important. My ribs and abdominal muscles actually ached because I was laughing so much and so hard.

13. Glitter makes me feel fancy.

14. My writing will not become better if I do not stay consistent, both in me writing and me reading the writing of others whom I admire. Period.

15. Missing BlogHer10 is not an option.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's the BlogHer09 Panic Attack Edition

So, yah. I'm goin' to BlogHer09 in Chi-town with my favorite cousin to meet some really cool women and learn more about blogging - and here we can insert that perhaps if I know more, I will BLOG more. ahem.

Many of the women I follow in their blogs and on Twitter have posted entries which suggest nervousness and even dread about going to this event and being unprepared, either emotionally or, perhaps, and this seems to be mentioned more, in terms of the preparedness of one's wardrobe.

Well, I have clothes to wear, I don't know if they are the "right" ones, I hope they fit by the time I get to Chicago because the way I deal with stress like this is to EAT, which is counterproductive, I know, but still. This is me, BlogHer! Woo hoo!

So my bigger concern relates to being a single, childless, sober woman at BlogHer. My biggest nightmare is that I will burst into tears in the middle of a group of lovely kind well-meaning mommybloggers because I do not share their experience, regardless of how much I wish I did. It is coming up on a year that my whole adoption plan fell through, and I am still quite conflicted. I feel like I am going into the eye of the storm by going to this event, but perhaps this is one of those experiences that I will just say, "wing it" and have a greater understanding on the other side of it.

The sober part will be fine. I just know that I will be around more drinking more often than I have in quite a while. I have taken steps to ensure that I can get away to a meeting or two, so I will do what I've got to do.

My sense is that this event is meant to be about inclusion, participation and celebration. If I don't funk up my head too much, I might learn something about blogging and myself as well. (cue the afterschool special credits, please...)