Monday, October 27, 2008

Art - it's not just a person

So I belong to this very artistic family. My mother was in advertising in NYC in the 60's (can you imagine how cool, boggles the mind) and continues to paint and sketch and bead and knit. My sister decided while she was in high school that she wanted to be a glassblower and this dream was only squashed by a chronic heart condition. She nonetheless got an MFA in glass media and is in the process, ten years later, of growing a jewelry business with a lot of potential. In the meantime, I have dabbled on the very surface of some art, and am fascinated by the idea of art therapy, which we use in earnest at the hospice where I work. My mother and sister have been trying to encourage me to find my own artistic muse, but I am not built the way they are, with crazy amounts of confidence and the ability to "sell" the work to others. Maybe that's why I do like art therapy, where the art is most often done BY the artist and specifically FOR the artist. I've been knitting recently and when my sister generously offered to cut me in to her website by having me knit some hats and scarves, I graciously (I hope) declined. It is enough for me to see a positive result of something I have been working on. Maybe it's because of my work at hospice: since ALL of my patients ultimately die, I have to go on faith that I did good. With art of any media, having it right in front of me provides me with a great deal of fulfillment, letting me know that I did good, and maybe that's all I need.

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