Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trite but effective

OK, so I figured if I did one of those '100 Things About Me' lists that I find so fascinating in other peoples' blogs that would be a great way to launch this and put my stuff out there, as it were. But I found that 100 Things seemed a little daunting and since I've always been one for biting off more than I can chew (hey, there's an interesting thing about me, no? No? Fine whatever) maybe 50 would be better. And 25 would be even better than that. So there you go.

1. I just turned 40.
2. I'm a social worker for a local hospice.
3. I find that the previous statement is a remarkable conversation killer at cocktail parties.
4. I love my job, and most days, I think I am good at it.
5. I have been dating the same man for over six years.
6. I have such mixed feelings about this relationship I don't even know where to begin.
7. I have been trying to get a PhD in sociology for over six years.
8. See #6
9. I tried to adopt a baby girl earlier this year and almost got her but I got cold feet.
10. I think this broke my heart a little, too.
11. I have a hard time following through with big decisions.
12. I own my own little house and I got and bought it all by myself. This was big.
13. I'm not sure I know what I want anymore.
14. I don't drink anymore.
15. I do know I don't want to drink again.
16. I am really short.
17. A while back a co-worker told me I looked like Gillian Anderson. While flattered, I told her she needed glasses.
18. I seriously thinking about getting a puppy.
19. I read like crazy and often have three books going at once.
20. I am a better cook than I think I am.
21. I just learned how to knit and am enjoying it immensely. I am surprised how un-uptight I am about it.
22. I support and plan to vote for Barack Obama for president. This country needs courage and change and I need to believe Obama can help us regain these things.
23. I am not as good a driver as I think I am.
24. I am a huge Cleveland Indians fan and love to listen to them play on the radio on a summer night.
25. I have no tattoos but if I ever got one I think it would be of Chief Wahoo.

Well, there I am, in a nutshell. Knew I had to just start somewhere. So here we go.

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Velma said...

Welcome to the dark side, love.

(And I get to be your first commenter! And first feed subscriber! Yay!)

(Also? I tried to write one of these lists but got stuck at number 39: "I love potatoes.")